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RECORDINGS / DVDs - see also Rock / Pop


YANNI - Televised concert specials (1994 to present), DVDs, CDs:

“Tribute” (Concerts at India’s Taj Mahal and China’s Forbidden City),

“YANNI - Live”,

“YANNI Live from El Morro”,

'YANNI - World Without Borders”,


"The Dream Concert" (Egypt)



George Harrison w/Jeff Lynne “Brainwashed”,


Macy Gray, Bill Medley (misc tracks), 

Lionel Richie ("Piece of my Heart"),
'Weird' Al Jankovic "Straight Outta Lynwood"

Ozzie Osbourne "Changes"

Adele early demos

Bernie Taupin/Farm Dogs: “Last Stand in Open Country“,

Cherokee (untitled),

Ali Mandelbaum: “Guardian Angel”, “Human Nature”,

Angels of Venice: “Music for Harp, Flute and Cello",

Margaret Owens: “Bigger Than the Sky”,

Debbie Johnson; “Charade”,

Jeff Vickteroff: “Stage Door”,

Denise Marsa: “Self”, Judith Owens (untitled),

Gavin Lurssen: “Restless”,

50 Sticks of Dynamite "Carry Me Down",

Carla Rigolin Hassett " (+ Blue)

“Always in Our Hearts"* (Benefit Album released on behalf of Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation), “Sing a Song of Christmas“* (Benefit Album released on behalf of Portland Training College)

SOLO ALBUM: “Dans Mes Reves Je Reviens” with Claudine Lapointe, pianist


* Executive Producer

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