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RIAA - Two Platinum Records & One Gold Record (for work with Yanni)

“Music is: Best of the Web” Award

Rotary International: Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service and Achievement in Promoting the Arts

United Nations International Year of Volunteers: Certificate of Appreciation 2001

(for volunteer work with children and literacy)




Member: American Federation of Musicians

Member: ASCAP

Member: British Fulbright Scholars Alumni Assoc.

Member: Los Angeles Violoncello Society

Member: Rotary International 2000 - 2004

Member (retired): Recording Musicians Association

Volunteer: Rolling Readers (School Literacy Program)


MISC / Events / Theme Park recordings


SAG Awards (with Angels of Venice)

Movie release event - Solo Bach performance (Ghost in the Machine 10/6/98)

Disneyland (Tokyo) - Pooh's Honey Hunt (recording)

Disney: California Adventure: Superstar Limo Ride 

                               Photo by Tris Beezley

(C) 2016 Sarah O'Brien. All rights reserved

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